The Label Printers

The Label Printers Wins TLMI's Eugene Singer Award for Management Excellence

The Label Printers has won TLMI’s prestigious Singer Award for Management Excellence – Medium Category – for the 4th time in a row, in their 4th year of eligibility.

The Label Printers has once again won TLMI’s (Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute, Inc.) Eugene Singer Award for Management Excellence. Bill Kane, The Label Printers Chief Executive said, “Winning the Eugene Singer Award is always an honor – and it is a testament to all of The Label Printers’ employees – at every level of the organization, and all the way through the process. We manage our inventory, we invest in technology, and we do all of the little things – and it all adds up.”

Lori Campbell, in a letter to company employees, told them, “Congratulations to all employees on this significant achievement! With a consecutive streak like this it is a challenge to find something new to say. But make no mistake….the achievement is no less diminished simply because we’ve ‘been there, done that’! In fact, I would say each additional year we tack another award to our walls is more meaningful than the previous year. Technological advancements and a saturation of competitors have leveled the playing field [and] it becomes more and more difficult with each passing year to find that edge that separates us from our competitors. This award reminds us, year after year, that our competitive edge is clearly our employees.”

The company has now won the award for the fourth time in a row, in their fourth year of eligibility.

TLMI calls “the prestigious Eugene Singer Award for Management Excellence…one of the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute’s (TLMI) highest honors…this award recognizes excellence in business management, measured and defined by an established set of ratios through the participation in the TLMI Management Ratio Study. The Singer Award is given annually to four narrow web converting companies; each company within a certain sales range category [which are]: Small company – annual sales of less than $6 million, Mid-range company – annual sales of $6 to $14 million, Medium company – annual sales of $15 to $35 million, and Large company – annual sales greater than $35 million.” The Label Printers won in the Medium category.

The Singer Award is a coveted honor both because it validates the performance of strong companies, but also because the companies submitting applications for it represent nearly 40% of the North American label market, and include the biggest competitors in the business.