Mutoh America Inc

Mutoh America Announces Skin & Win Contest Winner

Mutoh America, Inc. has announced with The Bad Wrap and the winner of the Skin & Win printer wrap design contest. Congratulations to Jacob Lechuga of SmartWrap in Phoenix, AZ for his winning design named “Mutoh Cruiser.”

“All of the designs submitted were very well thought out and showed a lot of creativity, which made it that much harder to choose a winner,” shares David Conrad, marketing manager for Mutoh America. “When it came down to it, Jacob’s design was very impressive and tied into the ValueJet 1624’s ‘Wrapper’s Choice’ theme. He came up with a completely unique design and we’re looking forward to showing the printer at the International Sign Expo.”

About the Winner, Jacob Lechuga

Design & Printing has always been a passion for Jacob Lechuga. His history of creating designs for print and web began in the late nineties. Making his way with vectors, pixels and pantone books, Jacob eventually found himself in the Vehicle Wrap industry, and now works as the Creative Director for SmartWrap located in Phoenix, AZ.

"When The Mutoh Skin & Win contest came about, I was somewhat apprehensive about it because the printer is so uniquely shaped it’s a real challenge to design around. I started thinking about what we use our ValueJet 1624 for, which is specifically for printing vehicle wraps, so I turned the printer into a car! I've always been a fan of classic cars. The front of the Mutoh printer looks like a car grill, so I went with a Chevy Bel Air look.

“I love working with vehicle graphics and really enjoy the satisfaction the clients express when they drive away with a SmartWrap design. It’s a tangible accomplishment, and very rewarding when you see something that you created printed and wrapped. Printing on our Mutoh ValueJet makes it that much easier and more attractive."

Lechuga has won a Wacom Cintiq 21UX Graphics Table (a $1,999 value), design incorporated into Mutoh’s International Sign Expo’s booth, printer design featured in an upcoming ad and unlimited Bad Wrap membership.

Runners Up

Congratulations to Cody Deichmueller of PhatWall located in Green River, WY, and Sean Rhodes with the Dezynery in Peoria, AZ for their unique and creative designs. Both runners up will receive a free 220ml ink kit and one year premium bad wrap membership.