Quark Inc.

Upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 from Any Version for $349

Quark announced an extension of the upgrade policy that allows QuarkXPress users on any version – from 3 to 8 – to upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 for $349. The $349 upgrade price represents a $500 savings for users who choose to upgrade before June 30, 2013. After June 30, 2013, only users on version 8 can upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 for $349. Any users of versions 3 to 7 will need to purchase a full license for $849.

QuarkXPress 9 offers designers of every level and type the best environment for page layout and design – whether print, Web or digital. With an upgrade to QuarkXPress 9, users benefit from:

• Design-Driven Automation: Automatically style content based on powerful styling rules, eliminating text-styling inconsistencies and saving countless hours of manual work. Move boxes and groups automatically with text flows and take command of lists and outlines with bullet, numbering and outline styles.

• New Productivity Features: Cloner is the smartest and most efficient way to clone design elements; Linkster unlinks and relinks text boxes without overflow and import; ImageGrid automatically builds grids to feature images; and ShapeMaker creates unique and useful shapes using configurable waves, polygons, stars, spirals, and more.

• Export to ePub and Kindle eBooks: Use the new reflow view to assemble and preview a reflowable version of the text and pictures in layouts specifically for ePub or Kindle export. Optionally enhance with audio, video and hyperlinks.

• Access to App Studio: QuarkXPress 9 now works with App Studio, the cloud-based solution for creating and publishing native, HTML5-based apps for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android devices. Designers can take full advantage of everything they already know about QuarkXPress and supplement designs with slideshows, video, hotspots, popups, zoomable images and more.

• Easy training, if needed: Quark offers free, step-by-step modular training for the functionality that sets QuarkXPress 9 apart from previous versions. Getting up to speed is easy; the payoff is more time to be creative and better ways to bring ideas to life.

Plus, QuarkXPress users upgrading from QuarkXPress 7 or earlier can look forward to a refined design environment, enhanced typography, transparency, drop shadows, new Bezier pen tools, native Illustrator import, powerful Photoshop integration and much more.