Eagle Systems

Eagle Systems Chosen by KBA Japan for Cold Foil Solution

KBA installed its first press in Japan in late March at its customer Taisei's factory. The customer wanted to add a cold foil machine to their press. Kenneth Hansen, CEO of KBA Korea/Japan, chose the Eagle Systems Cold Foil to be retrofitted to their Rapida 106 because of Eagle's reputation as being the most technologically advanced machine on the market today. Mr. Hansen was concerned that everything go smoothly and told Michael King, President/CEO of Eagle Systems, that it was of utmost importance that the machine be delivered by March 22nd and immediately installed. The machine was delivered on time and though Mr. King told Mr. Hansen the installation typically takes 3 days he was able to complete the installation in 2 days to the delight of both the customer and Mr. Hansen. The machine training was done immediately after install and took about 2 hours. The customer and KBA technicians were surprised how fast the training was on the actual machine. On the third day training on the process of foiling took a few hours and the customer tested their first job.

Taisei is also a large printer on clear plastics used for molding various packaging and the cold foil process worked very well on the substrates supplied. The customer ran a live job and Mr. King was told that this particular job was usually sent out to be done but now with this capability it will be done in-house along with many others.

When Mr. Hansen spoke with Mr. King he asked how the machine was connected to their press. He was concerned that the retrofit would not cause damage to their press. Mr. King assured him that the only interface was one connection between the Eagle and the KBA ink fountain guard circuit and that was an on for safety. There is no other interface to the Eagle Cold Foil as it is self contained, has NO computer panel, needs NO operator intervention, can run narrow webs to 2" in any configuration to the width of the press, runs at press speed and is the easiest machine to run needing virtually no machine training.