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ColorGATE achieves Certification for G7 Calibration

IDEAlliance/ColorGATE is proud to announce that Productionserver 7 has successfully completed the IDEAlliance G7 systems certification and is now an officially certified G7 System. Productionserver 7 is a large format RIP solution that creates G7 compliant curve calibrations, providing a seamless implementation of G7 for print service providers.

The G7 Calibration Module automatically integrates into the profiling assistant and can be used to calibrate all supported devices, either directly or indirectly, driving all digital or analog files. It is easy to use and takes the user through the calibration and evaluation process in just a few simple steps, while all calculations and adjustments are automatically applied without the need for manual corrections. The iterative process does not require extensive color management knowledge or deeper understanding of the underlying process. Together with the other ColorGATE calibration and profiling solutions, the G7 Calibration modules complete the range of powerful and user-friendly tools to ensure best possible color quality and performance.

"Congratulations go out to ColorGATE with the certification of Productionserver 7 to G7 system capabilities,” commented Joe Fazzi, Vice President of Media Production Technologies for IDEAlliance. “We applaud their leadership within the wide and grand format inkjet market in furthering the implementation of the IDEAlliance G7 methodology."

“The G7 calibration method is a widely recognized sign of quality, especially in North America where it was originally developed.” says Gerrit Andre, Trainer and Product Specialist at ColorGATE. “The G7 method results are smooth gradients as well as a stable and neutral gray balance - which is the base for highest quality ICC profiles and optimal color reproduction. Print buyers now recognize print shops using G7 as reliable partners because it ensures quality and predictability of the end results. The integration in our longstanding

Productionserver solutions helps our customers to accomplish market demands with the typical ColorGATE ease of use.”

The G7 Calibration module is an option to all Productionserver 7 variants and is already included in the PS7 Fujifilm Diamond Edition.

What is G7:

G7 is both a definition of grayscale appearance, and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 grayscale definition. G7 utilizes one of the implementation methods of the new ISO 10128 standard for near - neutral calibration. A key benefit of G7 is that it is device independent.