FASTSIGNS International, Inc.

FASTSIGNS Digital Sign Solutions Evolving to Meet Expanding Customer Needs

To continue meeting the expanding needs of a digital business environment, FASTSIGNS has expanded its digital sign and graphic solution offering to include even more options. Digital signs allow multiple messages to be broadcast quickly and easily, locally or globally, to the target audience, while controlling the messages and scheduling from a single or multiple locations.

“Our digital signage program is designed to meet any challenge that a customer may have; we provide the three key components of a successful program—the display, the media player and the content creation—along with scheduling, installation, file storage and network management,” said Drue Townsend, Senior VP of Marketing for FASTSIGNS. “While the FASTSIGNS digital solution is suited for any size business, we provide small and medium-size businesses with the affordable, effective solutions that were once only available to larger installations from big industry players. Small and medium-sized businesses have been an underserved community when it comes to digital signs, and we are trying to change that.”

FASTSIGNS digital signage solutions range from simple “plug and play” counter top options to stand-alone kiosks to multi-wall displays and custom enterprise solutions.

“Digital signs continue to gain momentum in every industry because they are engaging and effective.” said Townsend. “We are uniquely positioned as digital signage experts since we are already immersed in the visual communications space; our knowledge and experience allow us to effectively combine print with digital signage in order to provide a robust visual marketing package for clients.”