Stamping Foil Manufacturer Kurz Shows off Hot Stamping at its Best

To promote creative print finishing, the stamping foil manufacturer Kurz, together with its subsidiary Hinderer & Mühlich, a manufacturer of stamping dies, regularly presents artistically hot stamped posters to its customers and trade fair visitors. An especially demanding hot stamping project, technology-wise, has been the “Variation of Beauty” poster, which was presented for the first time at Luxepack 2012 and was produced with the support of the paper supplier Sappi and the machine manufacturer Gietz. It presents a variation of the award winning trade fair poster “The Beautiful” that so delighted the visitors to Drupa 2012. The visitors to Luxepack were no less impressed with “Variation of Beauty”. This poster showcases a number of novel applications of hot stamping technology. Hinderer & Mühlich has developed a diverse range of new patterns for structured stamping dies, several of which have been employed here. In the picture frame, for example, these new structures can be seen in combination with a raised relief. Combined relief and structured hot stampings are also evident in the arm jewelry. New microembossing designs are presented in the hair jewelry and the gold-colored textile elements. These fine-detail structures, which produce special refractive effects, are generated by means of a CNC engraved stamping die with an engraving depth of just 0.025 mm. New structures, combined with a holographic stamping foil, have been used to produce the diamond-like light reflections on the neck jewelry. The luxurious print finishing of the poster is rounded off by the application of a cold foil that overlays the picture background and the textile scarf with metallically glimmering flowers. 

Flat hot stamping reinterpreted

The Kurz 2013 wall calendar, which depicts the Colosseum in Rome, demonstrates a number of further special applications of hot stamping technology. The gold-colored window arches have been achieved using a two-level relief with an integrated structure that lends a perspective effect to the arches. That hot stamping can be used to reproduce very fine-detailed structures, provide the right stamping foil grade is used, is demonstrated in the right-hand area of the Colosseum. The entire structure, which resembles a fine detail pencil drawing, was created by means of a novel fragmented-stamping technique. This stamping demonstrates that special effects of this kind can be produced not only using structured and relief dies but also by means of innovatively employed flat hot stampings. Further illustrative examples and inspiration aids for creative hot stamping are planned for 2013.

The stamping foil supplier Kurz and the stamping die specialist Hinderer & Mühlich are represented in South Africa by the company Synchron Markings in Cape Town.