From visual pollution to catchy design: Leonhard Kurz shares how to change a 2-D barcode into a design feature

Whether on a display panel, in a magazine, on a label or a packaging, 2-D barcodes attract attention, albeit not being part of the aesthetics. On the contrary! You notice them because they interfere with the main picture. More than often, they have not been blended into the global representation, and therefore appear to be impeding as an out-of-place element. This does not have to be, as Leonhard Kurz will explain. The stamping foil manufacturer has developed diffraction 2-D barcodes featuring attractive aesthetics, aiming at enhancing the product. Instead of being printed, the barcode is applied as a silver-coloured film stamp, encompassing the code itself, as a diffraction holographic-type addition.

The barcode area can be integrated into a larger metallised image, including holographic details. For instance, the code can be combined with optical security elements, making counterfeiting tricky. Design features specific to the brand can be integrated to the metallised area in order to fit the code appropriately in the brand logo. The 2-D diffraction can also be integrated separately, thus enabling the customer to immediately identify the authentication element, enhancing the trust in the brand.

Product details revealed by the Internet identification system

Although the Kurz diffraction 2-D codes cannot be compared to those printed in terms of aspect, they are quite comparable when it comes to functionality. They can be read using a scanner or Smartphone, and offer the same direct and swift access to mobile information. Kurz has launched an Internet identification system called Secutrace, which can provide a wide scope of product data for end-users, retailers, customs or branded manufacturers. Such data is available in real time thanks to the 2-D code. For instance, the buyer may check through his mobile phone that the branded product is genuine. Also, the 2-D code opens access to lottery tickets, loyalty programmes, product information or interactive games.

The Secutrace technology provides branded product manufacturers with access to micro-marketing data and, therefore, to identify accurately their target markets in order to advertise customised offers. They can also guarantee the traceability of the product throughout the procurement chain. All information linked to the code are recorded, analysed and assessed though the identification system.

The branded product manufacturers can access this information at any time, which will provide them with accurate details on the product and, among other, be made aware of parallel sales.