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Durst Inkjet Innovations Days Proved to be Inspirational and a Great Success

Held in the Durst factory at Lienz on April 17th and 18th, Durst’s two day event, entitled “New and practical inkjet applications through knowledge and technology”, was voted by the full house of guests to be both inspirational and most enjoyable.

It was attended by over 120 key customers from all over Europe and a few select journalists. The programme included a series of lively and entertaining lectures by some of the industry’s leading authorities on digital and inkjet printing. These highly popular lectures covered such diverse subjects as, “The Future of Large Format Inkjet”, “Web-to-Print”, “New Business Models” and “Process Standard Digital”. It was also an opportunity to see practical demonstrations of Durst’s latest technological innovations, which featured the European launch of Durst’s latest additions to its range of inkjet printers. Included in the launch were two new Rho 1000 printers, technological advances to the highly popular Rho P10 Series and the opportunity to learn about the new Process Standard Digital.

Where next for inkjet printing?

After a welcoming address by Dr Richard Piock, CEO of Durst Phototecknik, the right tone was set for the English language event by Dr Markus Lorenz, Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group, Munich, with his presentation entitled “The future of large format digital printing: The Need to Innovate in an Innovative Environment”. Following this informative discourse on broad market trends and prospects for the future, Matteo Rigamonti, President of the Italian Web-to-Print pioneer Pixartprinting, chose a very personal approach for his presentation which proved to be highly entertaining and provocative, “We are only doing it for the money” was one of his propositions.

Bernd Payer from the PKF Consulting GmbH led his own successful printing company in Austria for 15 years before he started working as a consultant. “A machine is an important resource for a business model – but is not a business model itself”, was one piece of food for thought from this experienced businessman. Process Standard Digital was presented by Berthold Oberhollenzer, of Fogra, Germany, under the heading of “Printing the expected with PSD”. Unlike offset printing, digital printing has too many media variables to copy the existing ISO Printing Standard. Fogra has based the PSD on actual quality of print. The end result is that a quality standard can be followed by printers and easily checked to see where any fault might lie.

Productivity was the common factor with all the new products demonstrated by Durst

Firstly, there was the introduction to new machines in the Durst’s flagship range, the Rho 1000 Series, which included both the new Rho 1012 and the Rho 1030. The Rho 1012 is the most productive 12 picolitre flatbed printer in its class capable of printing up to 490 m² per hour at 1000 dpi. The stunning quality is idea for “close up” viewing of backlits and POS, for example, as the delegates were able to see. The Rho 1030 is the world’s fasted UV inkjet flatbed and capable of printing up to 1000 m² per hour. The machine was demonstrated as a fully automated line with auto feed and stacking. Several visitors actually held stop watches to confirm both the Rho 1012’s and 1030’s actual speed!

With the emphasis still on productivity, visitors were able to see Durst Variodrop technology which is the latest development in the highly successful Rho P10 Series of printers. The Rho P10 printers are the first industrial level UV inkjets to feature 10 picolitre ink drops. The new Variodrop technology provides up to 25% increase in output for all the Rho P10 models. It also solves the inherent problems which can jeopardise the quality of printing with greyscale ink technology.

As well as learning about some of the future projects currently in progress at Durst, there was a new ink development entitled “Premium White HD Set” for printing on the Rho P10 Series. This new white ink provides even better coverage whilst maintaining high print speeds.

Michael Lackner, head of marketing for Durst, said: “We are delighted by the response we have received for the event. We were fully subscribed with guests and the response to the programme met with universal approval. Although this was intended as a one-off event, I do believe that it is something that could become an annual part of the Durst calendar.”