Mcor Technologies Ltd

MESA to Showcase Mcor Technologies' 3D Printing Technology at NAMII/NCDMM Summit 2013

Mcor Technologies Ltd has announced that its reselling partner, MESA, Inc. will display Mcor’s low-cost, full-color, paper-based 3D printing technology at the NAMII/NCDMM Summit 2013, May 8-9, 2013 in Blairsville, PA.

‘Summit 2013’ is NCDMM’s (National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining) annual event designed to encourage collaboration and innovation among government, industry and academia. The theme of this year’s event will be “Celebrating a Decade and Innovating the Future.” NCDMM proactively engages with all branches of US military and their suppliers to control costs and improve productivity. NAMII (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute) is a collaboration of public and private member organizations from industry, academia and government to facilitate the adoption of additive manufacturing and make US manufacturing more competitive. NAMII was recently featured in President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Speech as a successful example of creating jobs, fostering innovation and improving US manufacturing using 3D printing technology. Mcor 3D printed models are on display at NAMII in Youngstown, OH.

Mcor 3D printers create physical 3D models from standard letter-sized paper. When sheets of paper are cut and bonded together, the resulting model is tough and durable. Mcor 3D printed models can be tapped, threaded and hinged. They can even be disposed of in the recycling bin for cradle-to-grave sustainability.

3D printing enables quick and cost-effective production of early prototypes, mold tools, architectural studies, three-dimensional maps, medical models and more. Mcor’s part cost is five percent of other technologies’ costs, and therefore, the total cost of ownership over five years can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. This low cost enables wider accessibility of the technology and therefore, greater innovation.

What: Examine Mcor 3D printed models and see videos and presentations of Mcor 3D printing.

When: May 8-9, 2013

Where: Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort and Conference Center, Blairsville, PA, USA