NewPage Corporation

NewPage Launches Shifters Campaign to Support Sterling Premium Line

NewPage Corporation announced the launch of its SHIFTERS marketing campaign to promote its recent introduction of Sterling Premium, an American-made, premium coated printing paper. The campaign includes direct mail, email, personal and general URL websites and social media; and features a printed brochure that utilizes Layar technology, a leading augmented reality platform, to view videos.

"With the launch of Sterling Premium, we asked our customers to embrace an essential 'shift' in how they have conventionally thought about coated paper," said Steven DeVoe, vice president, Marketing for NewPage. "Sterling Premium is a game-changing solution for agencies, brand marketers or printers looking for the qualities of a premium coated sheet without a premium price tag. Since its introduction, we have been overwhelmed by feedback from our customers that this unconventional product outranks other premium sheets in optics, print performance and price."

"The SHIFTERS campaign recognizes and celebrates individuals and businesses that think unconventionally or question the status quo," said Tanya Pipo, commercial product manager, premium sheets & C1S for NewPage. The campaign includes a printed brochure showcasing the Sterling Premium line and features four unique SHIFTERS: New Era Guitars, Graeter's Ice Cream, Shinola (watches, leather goods, bicycles and journals) and Del Popolo (wood-fired pizza). Pipo adds, "Each of these inspirational and passionate businesses has a unique story to tell about how they are "shifting" the expectations and imaginations of their customers. They remind us that anything is possible and inspire us to make products like Sterling Premium."

A cornerstone of the SHIFTERS brochure is the use of Layar technology to enhance the reader's experience with the printed page by displaying videos on a smartphone, without ever leaving the brochure. There are four videos; each telling the story of a SHIFTER. Readers are guided by the Layar icon throughout the brochure.

The SHIFTERS campaign also includes the use of social media whereas users and fans can engage with NewPage around content pertaining to the featured SHIFTERS and the SHIFTER mentality. SHIFT your thinking and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Sterling Premium, and its digital counterparts Sterling Premium DigitalT and Sterling Premium DigitalT for HP Indigo, carries three chain-of-custody certifications and contains 10 percent post-consumer recycled fiber. All NewPage products are made in the United States.