JECO Plastic Products, USA

Jeco Plastic Products Celebrates 40 Years

Jeco Plastic Products is celebrating 40 years of supplying high strength precision pallets to pressrooms. Commenting on the event, Jeco Plastic Products CEO Craig Carson said: “For 40 years, the Jeco name has meant quality and consistency in pressroom pallets. The Jeco brand was first seen in 1973, and the popularity of Jeco pallets and rotational molding technology prompted the company to extend its plastics expertise into the area of plastics thermoforming. Today, Jeco is rapidly gaining a reputation for the ability to mold exotic materials used in aerospace and defense products. Although pallets for the automotive, printing and converting industries remain our most important products, today Jeco molded plastic products find application across a broad spectrum of technologies and structural applications. We look forward to serving industry for another 40 years.”