Hollywood's Newest Star Creates the Floors Celebrities Walk On

With 80 percent of its business derived from TV and major motion picture clients, Dangling Carrot is in the enviable yet supremely demanding position of creating unquestionably real-looking sets under what may be the world's most demanding deadlines. Yet today the company is substantially leading the category in time and cost savings with what Dangling Carrot's owner says was "the most important debut at last fall's wide format expos": the NURStar 304D Digital Wide Format System.

Scott Niner, the owner and founder of Dangling Carrot, says that his Valencia, CA-based company is able to offer even more creativity since it took delivery of the NURStar 304D Digital Wide Format System in the fall of 2012. Projects include large "stained glass windows" and thousands of square feet of "marble" floors, for TV shows including NCIS, House, and CSI:NY.

"Entertainment industry deadlines are hours; not days," Niner explains, "and we don't say 'no' to any project." As a result, the veteran who learned at the elbow of his father, a longtime California print producer, says that obtaining the best hardware and software is a company mandate.

"We have no choice. It's a stroke of luck that we're not paying through the nose for the NURStar. This is that one in a hundred pieces of hardware that genuinely uses new technology intelligently, and has been designed to keep initial, as well as ongoing running costs, very low - all while generating this super high quality output at amazing speed."

Attendees at the recent International Sign Association Conference and Expo in Las Vegas saw the acclaimed NURStar 304D technology in action, and were also the first to see the company's newest NURStar 305D model, a 10x5 UV flatbed printer. Both generated crowds at the NURStar booth.

The NURStar is a robust and industrial grade wide format digital flatbed delivering high quality and high throughput for POP, display, packaging, and more; all at the lowest cost per sq.ft.

With built-in variable dot size print technology, the NURStar achieves speed up to 2700 sq.ft./hour, with quality greater than 6 color systems, and lower ink consumption.

Niner was already familiar, and more than satisfied, with the NURStar's predecessor "parent" technologies such as the NUR Tempo, created by the same digital wide format "dream team" now credited with engineering several of the digital wide format market's key developments.

"I never had to have an engineer in with the Tempo. I loved it. And that's the same kind of feeling we get from the NURStar," Niner says. "It's obviously part of the family.

"The NUR family, and the Dangling Carrot family."