Anchor Software, LLC

Anchor Software and Assurety Consulting Announce Partnership

Anchor Software announced that through its exclusive partnership with Assurety Consulting it now offers a complete Full Service IMb solution to meet the needs of direct mailers. Anchor Software is the premier provider of United States Postal Service ("USPS") certified software products for high volume mailers. Assurety is a leading provider of USPS mail compliance, optimization, and tracking software.

Beginning in January 2014 mailers will be required to use Full Service Intelligent Mail barcode ("IMb") in order to take advantage of automation discounts. In addition to generating the IMb and maintaining unique serial numbers, mailers will need to create and submit Mail.dat files to PostalOne! in order to comply with the USPS eDoc requirement. As a result, hardcopy, printed postage statements will no longer be accepted. Assurety's Integrated Mailing Solutions ("AIMS") are focused on Full Service PostalOne! Compliance. Assurety's intelligent mail software solutions are the only scalable on-premise and web-based post-presort solutions available for fast Mail.dat data processing. Anchor Software products, in conjunction with these Assurety products, provide the needed capability to best manage Full Service IMb requirements. Together the two companies offer one of the most complete suites of pre-mailing and post-mailing solutions available.

"By developing this strategic relationship with Assurety, Anchor Software will be able to offer our customers the most comprehensive suite of mailing software solutions available in the marketplace today," said Gary Siegel, President of Anchor Software.

"Working closely with Anchor Software on USPS and IDEAlliance initiatives allowed us to develop a close relationship," said Shariq Mirza, President and CEO of Assurety Consulting; and "I'm confident that our partnership with Anchor Software will provide that best possible solutions for the mailing industry".