Paradigm Imaging Group

Paradigm Imaging Announces SmartWorks Pro Data Capture Feature

Paradigm Imaging Group has announced a new data capture feature in SmartWorks Pro software.

The new data capture feature is included with Smart Works Pro version and later, and saves up to 29 different pieces of information about the scanning process. The ability to obtain scanning data is important in a variety of applications, especially Facilities Management, where capturing costs is crucial in the pay per click environment.

Data from each scan or copy is added as a separate line entry to a single file for each calendar month. The files are not encrypted or hidden, and can be extracted easily and exported to a simple Excel spreadsheet for processing.

Other key features of Colortrac SmartWorks Pro software include:

  • Scan-Once Workflow – Make adjustments to the scanned image in real time
  • Automated Scanning – Save time with 10 preset filters
  • Multi-Page Document Manager – Simplify large archive jobs
  • Scan to AutoCAD DWF Format – Easy mark-up and annotation of drawings
  • ICC Color Management – Ensures accurate color reproduction
  • Optimized Windows Printer Driver Support – Use any Windows compatible printer

“Data capture is another great feature of Colortrac’s SmartWorks Pro software, and is a real asset to any FM or other application that requires usage data for billing purposes,” said Randy Geesman, president of Paradigm Imaging Group. “SmartWorks Pro is already a popular add-on to the SmartLF series scanners, and I am sure this new function will increase its value considerably.”