Orbus Exhibit & Display Group

Orbus Grows and Adds 20 Staff Since January 2013

The Orbus Exhibit & Display Group added 20 employees to its roster since January due to its considerable growth, expanded product range and continuous improved manufacturing and graphic capabilities. Orbus marked the end of 2012 with 244 employees across its three manufacturing and production facilities in the U.S. Orbus doubled the number of new employees it hired the in quarter 1 of 2013 compared to quarter 1 of 2012.

As Orbus’ capabilities and product offerings grow and expand, its need for skilled staff also increases. Continuous inter-company training, promotion and new-hire growth results in enhanced
client service in the effort to benefit clients in turn, help them grow their business.

“Orbus is in the business of helping clients build their businesses,” said Giles Douglas, president and CEO of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group. “By adding skilled staff, we provide better support and service long-term.”

A wide range of posts from sales representative to art assistant were filled and will assist in Orbus’ growth across the tradeshow industry.