interlinkONE Inc.

QReate & Track Updates

QReate & Track, the QR code generating and tracking software created by interlinkONE, is announcing the biggest enhancement package to date.

“These updates are going to be a terrific benefit to our QReate & Track customers,” said John Foley, Jr., founder and CEO of interlinkONE. “The software has made it so easy to build and manage QR code campaigns, and now they have more capabilities than ever before.”

QReate & Track customers will immediately see the new user-friendly interface when they log in. This is followed by the ability to create and build bulk QR codes for v-cards, as well as the tracking capabilities for them.

“Scan a QR code with your smartphone, and the contact information contained in them will go directly to your contacts,” said Foley. “Now, you can upload a file of names to QReate & Track, and have unique QR codes generated for all of them.”

QReate & Track is the tool businesses need to dive head first into the mobile marketing game. The tool allows users to:

• Easily generate QR codes and track QR scans in real-time through reporting dashboards

• Track the number of QR scans, location of a scan, type of device used, and more

• Measure the results. This data is essential in assessing the success of a QR code campaign.

“QR codes enable mobile users to jump from printed materials to online content within seconds,” said Foley. “This helps you to drive traffic to your site, strengthen brand awareness, and make it easy for people to connect with your company.”