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ESMA Announces New Chairman and Committee Structure

During the General Assembly in Marseille on March 22, the association welcomed the newly elected Chairman, Jon Bultemeyer of Marabu, into the leading role. In his introduction speech, Jon provided a glance of the Vision ESMA plans to implement over the coming years. Describing these goals briefly we can say that it is ESMA’s aim to expand the role of experts in Technical Exchange dedicating ourselves in particular to industrial applications for both screen and digital printing. Furthermore ESMA is striving to enhance print standards as well as awareness for specialist printing by offering Know-How exchanges in new application areas while fine tuning this approach through a vertical reach by integrating printers into our targeted events and membership. ESMA recognises the need for providing the industry with clearly formulated definitions and is ready to lead by creating them. Bultemeyer states himself, “Industrial Printing is a term covering a broad range of applications and interest groups. ESMA has set the goal to develop a concrete understanding of what is meant with such a broad term. We believe a unified definition will help formalise a community in which awareness of current processes can be maximised while setting the stage to develop future oriented solutions; an effective forum for communicating needs and offerings.”

At the same time, Bultemeyer revealed the new committee structure, refined to address and integrate the needs of both screen and digital members, to expand networking opportunities, and to create a focus on quickly addressing current hot topics. ESMA has the unique position of connecting in particular the industrial world with the printing process. In contrast to the graphic print world, this market continues to evolve and expand as new applications appear, and our members’ many years of experience in these areas provide us the chance to offer this community a communication center of Know-How exchange. The new committee structure was designed to more precisely achieve these goals.

What is on the horizon? Having just finished a successful AFIP 2013 (Advanced Functional and Industrial Printing), this year we are once again hosting our crown jewel: GlassPrint 2013 in October For 2014 we already have made the initial steps for PID (Printed Interior Decoration): a new conference handling new trends in the use of print for internal decoration purposes. ESMA’s Regulatory Affairs Seminar, a free of charge seminar in Paris on the19th of April is another example of Effective Know-How exchange on current topics providing attendees a clear overview of recent regulations and steps to conform. This seminar has been organised to coincide with the 50th Meeting of the Health, Safety & Environmental Protection (HSEP) Committee and will simultaneously launch a new ESMA Work Group focusing on ‘Sustainability Matters’