Find Web-to-Print Software Providers around the World with the Free W2P Finder

Web2Print Experts, Inc., announces a free tool for the printing industry. The W2P Finder is designed to help printers find web-to-print software providers. According to Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the global market for web-to-print software is projected to reach $869 million by the year 2017. The goal of Web2Print Experts is to influence printers to think through their online strategy before they invest in technology, and to provide them with a free tool that makes that process easier.

Free web-to-print software finder tool

The W2P Finder has a simple objective: create one place where printers from around the globe can search for web-to-print software solutions. “Too many printers have invested in web-to-print software that doesn’t match their fundamental needs for doing business online,” says Jennifer Matt, Web2Print Experts Founder and President. “We can’t work with every printer individually, so we wanted to provide a tool that prevents the most egregious investment mistakes.”

The W2P Finder is free to both printers and to web-to-print software providers; unrestricted access will enable maximum benefit to the industry. Web2Print Experts has collected information about vendors from around the world and categorized them according to the most critical factors for consideration when investing in web-to-print software. Who are you targeting online? What do you want to sell them? Where do you intend to conduct business (geography)? A simple wizard guides printers to the set of web-to-print software providers who best fit their requirements. The vendors have an opportunity to display their user interfaces, answer a few key questions, and provide validated answers to the key decision-making criteria for web-to-print software decisions.

“We purposefully stayed above the feature-level comparison because features are constantly changing,” says Web2Print Experts Product Manager, Heath Cajandig. “From the hundreds of web-to-print projects we’ve been involved with, we never saw failure at the feature level. Failed purchasing decisions are always at the more strategic level of the wrong tool for the target market, wrong product workflow support, or a solution that is not properly localized for the target region.”

Web2Print Experts contacted web-to-print software providers all over the world to collect the data necessary for the launch of the W2P Finder. “We know there are a lot more regional web-to-print software providers out there, especially here in Europe where each country has regional players,” Sven Miller, Web2Print Experts Europe, reports. “We fully expect to and have planned for the addition of solution providers as well as keeping the W2P Finder up to date.”