Nimlok Uses Interactive Technology in New Brochure to Present Custom Exhibits in 3D

Nimlok has introduced an innovative way to view custom exhibits in 3D via mobile device or tablet.

In a newly-released brochure, Nimlok features five exhibit structures that can be seen in 3D once the user simply downloads an application and scans a QR code. As a result, the user can see details and areas of a large-scale exhibit that a 2D rendering or image simply cannot provide.

In its new brochure, Nimlok explains how the company brings unique exhibit design ideas to life. The brochure speaks to the company’s creativity, process, manufacturing capabilities and services around custom exhibits and solutions. The company designs, manufactures and supplies not only custom exhibits, but also specializes in portable modular and custom modular display products and solutions as well.

“Nimlok is one of the first in the industry to use Augmented Reality and 3D to present its solutions,” said Giles Douglas, President of Nimlok. “As a company, we see value in investing in cutting-edge technology to not only design and manufacture our solutions, but to present and market them as well. It’s a cool way to show clients and our audience the possibilities of what Nimlok custom solutions provide.”

This is just the beginning of how Nimlok will utilize Augmented Reality/3D to present its custom exhibit solutions. Using a sophisticated, cutting-edge rendering and production software system, Nimlok will soon be providing each client with the ability to view tailored exhibit concepts, display instructions and more in 3D, electronically.