Masterwork USA And Its New Duopress Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine Star at Odyssey in Nashville

Masterwork USA, a leading manufacturer of folding carton and packaging equipment headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is pleased to announce its strong success at the IADD FSEA Odyssey trade show in Nashville, Tennessee where it exhibited its new MK21060 STE Duopress automatic foil stamping and die cutting machine with stripping. The Odyssey show took place from May 1-3 in the Nashville Convention Center.

“We were the stars of the show,” says Carol Jiang, Vice President, Masterwork USA. “Our new Duopress foil stamping and die cutting machine was in production throughout the three-day show.  Everyone was talking about our equipment because we brought something new that no one else had. We were able to demonstrate to a targeted audience how the Duopress can improve production and reduce downtime in the print and packaging industries with an integrated design that processes multiple functions in one pass. We felt that the quality level of attendees was very high and we had a number of major packaging firms that showed great interest in purchasing our equipment. We heard over and over from attendees how impressed they were with our price versus performance ratio--the high performance of our Duopress versus its economical price. “

The MK21060STE Duopress foil stamping and die cutting machine with stripping is designed with a one-pass integrated system combining the platen through the embossing and foil stamping onto the die cutting and stripping functions. The two-platen system makes the machine a versatile production platform for creating high-quality packaging or decorative greeting cards with elaborate designs. The machine boasts a maximum output speed of 6,000 sheets per hour, but because multiple passes with two platens run at one time, users realize an output of 12,000 sheets per hour. Its optimized pressure adjustment provides a better foil stamping result. Its patented design of the adjusting mechanism ensures that the two units have high register accuracy. A separate power-driven waste conveyor belt is capable of removing waste at a high speed.

“Folding carton and packaging firms were able to see in person that our new all-in-one machine offers faster speeds, more precision productivity, and less waste,” says Jiang. “On the show floor, we were able to demonstrate how easily it is to produce high-quality boxes with enhanced designs for high-end customers in the cosmetic, fragrance, tobacco, and music/film/gaming markets.”

IADD FSEA Odyssey is the converting industry’s premier three-day education and technology expo uniquely focused on diemaking/diecutting, folding carton, corrugated, converting, foil stamping, embossing, and specialty industries. It is sponsored by the Foil and Special Effects Association and the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking.