Visual Magnetics

Visual Magnetics GlobalShop 2013 Experience

Visual Magnetics triumphs once again at this year’s GlobalShop show, but with a new blissful twist in the agenda. The most confirming experience in this creative and innovative venue, according to the Visual Magnetics team, was the VM brand recognition we received from retail market leaders.

“At this year’s GlobalShop, we felt embraced by brands utilizing our Graphic System,” said Sandra Deetz, VP of Visual Magnetics. “Companies came to our booth expressing how our products have become an innovative graphic standard for their stores. Not only did they bring their enthusiasm, but also their clientele who spread the word about VM. It was amazing to meet with over 300 prospects and customers from over 250 different companies.”

It is no surprise that Visual Magnetics has amplified their voice to such an extent that the company’s product line now speaks for itself. The power and versatility of the Visual Magnetics Graphic System was evident in the construction of the company’s booth.

Absent of any nails, bolts or screws in its framework, booth 3011 was dressed only in the Visual Magnetics Graphic System. Setup consisted of activating the walls with the ActiveWall Micro-Iron latex primer, adding the InvisiLock custom engineered sheet magnet and rolling out MagnaMedia print media for the third and subsequent layers. All fixtures and frames could be moved without scratching or scuffing application surfaces thanks to the company’s white Surface Protect InvisiLock magnet. Throughout the three-day convention, booth 3011 took on its chameleon-like quality and changed its look by adding layers or simply swapping out graphics within seconds.

From the VM-CHALKboard with printed and hand-drawn vibrant café lingo to the VM-DRYerase inspiration corner, the Visual Magnetics booth attracted a wide range of curious onlookers.

An extensive line of products brought life and interaction to the booth’s walls. Fabrics breathed texture, fixtures added dimension and woodgrain Digital Veneers showcased ease of wood pattern and color interchangeability to the architecture and design market.

In a sea full of brands, innovation and function are imperative for success. The diverse gathering of Visual Magnetics customers who visited the booth, reinforced that we have met our goals in creating a solution for graphic designs that are easy to apply and change, regardless of the application.