FUJIFILM North America Corporation

Publishers Press Achieves G7 Master Qualification with Fujifilm's ColorPath Sync Align and ColorPath Sync DLP

Publishers Press, a Shepherdsville, Ky.-based publication printer, recently installed Fujifilm’s ColorPath Sync Align and ColorPath Sync DLP color management solutions. The tools enabled Publishers Press to successfully achieve G7 Master Qualification. 

Publishers Press is a fifth-generation publication printing company founded in 1866. With 18 presses and two locations, Publishers Press is the fifth-largest publication printer in North America and serves more than 1,000 titles.  A family owned printer, Publishers Press provides complete prepress, web offset printing, bindery, and distribution services that take advantage of the latest technology, and remains committed to providing publishers with personal attention and support.

Prior to bringing in Fujifilm Professional Services and Fujifilm cloud-based color management solutions, Publishers Press worked with suppliers and consultants for all of its G7 efforts but felt that they needed to take the initiative a little further. The Fujifilm team tested Publishers Press’ inks and media and conducted a comprehensive review to make appropriate and effective recommendations and implement a unique 40-step scale that is printed on a number of forms each day for collecting L-A-B values on live work.

“While we have been in the printing business a long time, the involvement with G7 was new to us and we relied on the expertise of Fujifilm Professional Services for building our own curves in order to become an even better printer,” said Larry Blanton, quality control manager at Publishers Press. “With the ability to build our own curves by press type and substrate, we achieve a more predictable result across the board.”

Publishers Press installed ColorPath Sync DLP color management for digital presses and proofers and ColorPath Sync Align G7 and ISO curve adjustments. The powerful cloud-based color management ColorPath tools synchronize color across multiple output devices so that Publishers Press can fine-tune production and expedite the make ready process in order to increase efficiency, and improve production flexibility.