MTL Print Announces First US Install of NURStar 305D Wide Format Digital Flatbed

MTL Print today has announced the first US installation of the new NURStar 305D Wide Format Digital Flatbed system - the larger format machine that premiered at ISA in Las Vegas last month - at Parallax Digital. Parallax adds the new technology after much success with the NURStar 304D, installed there over two years ago.

Ran Emanuel, MTL Print CEO, says, "We are excited to be showing the NURStar 305 on the east coast, after a successful launch at the ISA show. Our central printing hub location - just outside of Atlanta -- is ideal for customers who couldn't make it to the show in Las Vegas, to see the brand new 305, in action."

Kennesaw-based Parallax Digital had enjoyed so much success with the NURStar 304D that it has become the first U.S. location to take installation of the NURStar 305D.

"We are noticing a clear trend in our customers, much like Parallax, that they are so pleased with the results with the NURStar 304D, they are now installing the NURStar 305D, as well," Emanuel says. "We see that as a true vote of confidence in our products and technology."

The NURStar 304D and 305D are robust, industrial-grade wide format digital flatbeds that deliver high quality and high throughput for POP, display, packaging, and more; all at the lowest cost per sq.ft., and with reasonable capital outlay.

"Bringing the NURStar 304 into our plant was one of the best decisions Parallax has ever made," says David Clevenger, President, Parallax. "We've run all imaginable - and some unimaginable - jobs on it, and it's been one success after another. Now we've got the larger format 305 here, which means we are able to offer optimal coverage on the widest range of applications and substrates."

With built-in variable dot size print technology, NURStar systems achieve speeds up to 2700 sq.ft./hour, with quality greater than 6 color systems, and yet with lower ink consumption. And, the NURStar 305D allows for customers to output up to 5 x 10 images, and is designed to feature special white ink printing option.

Emanuel says, "We developed the NURStar 305D based on the feedback we obtained from customers. Listening to them is paramount, and we engineer and deliver our products accordingly. The 305 is based on the same high-value principles and criteria as the 304, including the use of interchangeable tables, and more.

"Loyal customers - like Parallax -- love the 304 and simply wanted it larger; so here you have the creation of the 305."