GMC Software Technology

GMC Inspire to improve communication capabilities of PostConnect

GMC Software Technology (GMC), an award winning leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM) announces that through its partner ReDigital, has entered into a contract with PostConnect, the end-to-end data, insight and multichannel communications business of Australia Post, to provide the firm with its advanced customer multichannel communication management tool GMC Inspire.

GMC Inspire will help PostConnect to improve its multichannel communication capabilities, with automated business processes and workflows resulting in operational efficiencies. The single platform will help the print service provider create an improved customer experience and tailored solutions.

Henri Dura, Managing Director, Neopost Document Solutions and CEO, GMC Software Technology, said: "Previously PostConnect was only offering print and mail, now PostConnect has improved the flexibility to offer multichannel delivery. In terms of added value, it will improve their place in the market and provide a lot of flexibility."

GMC offers a range of new capabilities that complement PostConnect's existing in-house tools, offering increased flexibility to manage a comprehensive communications strategy. With GMC Inspire, PostConnect can easily implement a wide range of communications.

As well as printed mail, PostConnect can take advantage of email, fax, SMS and web platforms to deliver personalized, multichannel customer campaigns using functionality including online real-time approval workflows and web-based interactive correspondence.

Dura continued: "Ultimately, GMC Inspire not only offers composition software, but also complete business process automation, interactive solutions and online solutions. This enhancesPostConnect's ability to offer innovative solutions efficiently."