Offers Its Enterprise-Level Accounts Data and Insights via a Client Marketing Summit, a market leader in Intelligent Direct Marketing Solutions that elicit a “Yes!” response, announced the launch of a new strategic marketing initiative designed to help clients maximize their ROM (return on marketing investment). The Client Marketing Summit is a value-added service is offering its enterprise-level national accounts wherein a team of in-house analysts and data experts presents the results of a detailed evaluation of the customer’s data, offers actionable marketing insights and recommends specific data-driven methodologies to leverage those insights in future programs and campaigns., a leader in targeted, data-driven marketing, understands well the lift in marketing response possible when clients understand who their audience is, what motivators prompt them to act and how and when to align offers and creative with these insights. By engaging a customer in a strategic, one-on-one conversation focused on every dimension of its marketing program, the customer gains a perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of its current approach. More important, the efficacy of data-driven methodologies to future campaigns becomes apparent.

In preparation for the summit, the team analyzes the customer’s present business and marketing goals; profiles its current customer base using advanced data segmentation tools and overlays; performs a messaging audit; analyzes the contact strategy and channels employed; and looks at historical campaign results in detail. Then, over a full-day session, presents and discusses the findings, focusing on the market opportunities possible and how to leverage them using data-driven approaches. held its first Client Marketing Summit for Affinity Center International (ACI) in April 2013. ACI’s creative agency also attended the daylong session. Afterward, David Carrithers, President, Managing Director and Founder of ACI, said, “The Client Marketing Summit is an exciting event with tremendous value. The data analysis provided us insight into the past performance of our campaigns, our customer profile and how to lift our ROM. Going forward, we will hold a monthly call with to discuss our data and keep this conversation going.”

Mike Savage,’s Vice President of Marketing Solutions, said, “Every company requires a marketing roadmap to provide direction. However, the underlying strategy must be data driven and based on actionable insights not theories and frameworks whose relevance is questionable. We are fortunate to have long-term, established relationships with a number of commercial and nonprofit customers, which puts us in a unique position to create additional value for our clients. We have a very customer-focused team of analysts and marketing strategists who are always looking for new ideas to bring to our customers. This focus is core to our culture and who we are as a company.”