Kaspar Roos to Keynote at Worldwide DirectSmile Event

Kaspar Roos, Associate Director of InfoTrends’ Production Workflow & Customized Communication Service, will be presenting at the 2013 DirectSmile Distributor Meeting, which starts on August 28th at the DirectSmile Headquarter in Berlin, Germany.

Roos will be delivering a keynote presentation entitled “The Future of Marketing: How Businesses Are Using Interactive Technology to Adapt to the New Marketing Realm”. During this presentation, he will show some key findings from the latest study on Marketing Automation that InfoTrends recently conducted in Europe among 1,500 Small & Medium sized Enterprises.

“There is a lot of interest in marketing technology at the moment,” commented Roos. “We see that businesses around the globe, whether small or large, can benefit tremendously by embracing a more integrated approach to marketing that includes inbound, outbound and clever automation.”

“DirectSmile is a leader provider of Cross Media Marketing technology and is increasingly expanding into inbound and automation,” noted Harry Raaphorst, managing director of DirectSmile. “The changes in the marketing world are happening at a rapid pace, and we are pleased to have Kaspar provide an update and set out directions for our distributors.”