ppi Media, Inc.

ppi Media sells InkReduction as a standalone solution

Less ink for the same quality: Since May 10, 2013, ppi InkReduction has been responsible for reducing the ink application of expensive chromatic colors for the approx. 1.7bn newspaper pages which are produced and printed every year at Südostschweiz Partner AG. Production went live after only three days from installation to startup.

What is so special about ppi InkReduction compared with other ink optimization solutions is that only one license is required. So you start saving money from the minute you invest, since the solution can be scaled to meet individual performance and security requirements without having to purchase additional licenses. This was confirmed by Urs Zieri, managing director at Südostschweiz Partner AG: “Even with a high throughput and large quantities of data, no additional computers or software are required. We only need to extend our hardware in order to meet production peaks.” ppi InkReduction runs in a virtual environment (VMware), which means it is absolutely fail-safe.

Powerful partner: quality and more

A share of the success of the project for improving the printing quality goes to Oswald Grütter from the company quality&more. Using standardized test charts and measurement during printing, the Swiss consultant was responsible for setting the parameters for ppi InkReduction and configuring the printing press.