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XMPie Webinar: Mastering the Numbers Game of 1:1 Cross-Media Marketing

We all know that highly-targeted 1to1 cross-media campaigns are effective, but how do you set the right expectations around costs, resources and results?

Join Helene Blanchette, founder of the Xerox 1to1 lab for cross-media innovation, as she dives into the challenges that both experienced and inexperienced cross-media professionals face. During this webinar, you’ll get answers to these questions, see examples of typical costs and ROMIs and learn how to overcome challenges when presenting the business case for running a cross-media campaign.

This seminar will take place on Asia-Pacific time, hence the early start for our US customers. If the early start is inconvenient for you, please still follow the self-registration link and register in order to receive the webinar recording, once available.

XMPie Webinar: Mastering the Numbers Game of 1:1 Cross-Media Marketing

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. EDT (GMT-04:00)

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Helene Blanchette, Head of the 1:1 Experience Service for Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, Senior Manager of Innovations and Business Transformation

Topics to be discussed include:

• How to sell your idea internally or to customers for a cross-media 1to1 marketing campaign

• Examples of outstanding cross-media 1to1 marketing campaigns, their ROMIs and the associated costs

• How to set the right KPIs and expectations with your stakeholders to avoid the classic pitfalls

• How to position ROMI before and after a campaign

Please follow this Self Registration link in order to register for this webinar.