Carestream Tollcoating Expands Manufacturing and Prototyping Capabilities to Meet the Needs of Advanced Technology Customers

Carestream Tollcoating, a premier provider of precision toll coating services specializing in aqueous and solvent coatings on flexible substrates, has extended its fleet of pilot coaters in three research and production locations. Additional product and process engineers were hired to support the increase in production.

Leveraging 100 years of coating leadership, Carestream Tollcoating saw the need to increase its pilot resources to enable quicker results for customers. The new capabilities and resources will help deliver faster prototyping and scale-up at minimal cost, and reduce time-to-market for customers coating advanced material solutions onto flexible substrates.

The new pilot coaters feature several improvements including proprietary coating techniques, enhanced drying methods and streamlined solution delivery systems. The ability to simultaneously use multiple coating techniques at different locations allows us to enhance collaboration, and quickly execute prototyping and scale-up projects, and also troubleshoot any issues that may arise. The pilot coaters were modeled after the larger coaters, assuring transfer to full-scale manufacturability.

A number of new product and process engineers have also been hired to join Carestream Tollcoating’s technical team in its Oregon solvent coating facility. The new hires bring manufacturing expertise in the automotive, battery, electronics and several other sectors. The company’s team of experts has experience in some of the most advanced coating companies in the world.

“Carestream Tollcoating is committed to investing in strategic resources that will help our advanced technology customers bring their concepts to full-scale manufacturability,” said Rick Daniels, General Manager. “Our pilot coating equipment and expanded team augment our proven ability to help customers scale products up through production in a smooth, quick and cost-effective manner.”