Miller Weldmaster Corp

Miller Weldmaster Installs First 112 Extreme in Egypt

Recently Miller Weldmaster sent two field service technicians to install its first 112 Extreme in Egypt, at the headquarters of 5 Stars Graphics, a leading Egyptian graphic designer and producer of customized advertising and communications solutions for both print and digitalized formats. The 112 Extreme will enable 5 Stars Graphics to more efficiently manufacture quality fabric products including billboards, banners, signage, exhibition stands interior decorations, and other indoor and outdoor fabric products.

“We’re pleased to partner with 5 Stars Graphics and empower it for greater output generation using the 112 Extreme. This machine will enable 5 Stars Graphics to manufacture far more product in much less time than before,” said Jeannette Hendrickson, Marketing Manager of Miller Weldmaster. “5 Stars Graphics already has an impressive production volume commitment and client base in Egypt and around the world. We’re excited to give its team the capacity to offer quality advertising print products to even more clients.”

The 112 Extreme can be built to fit the specifications of any company size, application, or printer option. The machine features troughs and tables to reduce fabric handling while keeping it off the floor. It is operable up to 20 meters per minute, and is made of steel for ultimate durability. Additionally, the 112 Extreme is designed for a single operator and is capable of welding hems, hem with rope, overlaps, pockets, webbing and buttseams. The machine is compatible with any world power source and operations in multiple languages.