EFI's SmartSign Analytics Brings True Audience Measurement to Drive Retail Display Effectiveness

As part of its policy for introducing diverse and innovative products to the sign and display sector, EFI has introduced its SmartSign Analytics (SSA) reporting system which is designed to enable retail specialists to measure the effectiveness of their signage.

The system automatically detects key information such as age, gender and how long the person spent looking at the graphic. It does not record video, screen captures or personal information of any sort. Using this raw data and proprietary algorithms, meaningful analysis is performed whereby data is sliced and diced for various objective purposes, for example which advertising performs better at reaching a targeted demographic in a specific location.

SmartSign Analytics is being demonstrated by EFI at FESPA, and visitors to the company’s stand can learn more about how display applications can be tailored to meet specific demographic information. The system is a valuable tool for assessing the true value and effectiveness of advertising sites according to the desired target audience.

“Print can drive relevance, revenue and profit in the age of big data, and this technology demonstration can show how that will happen with signage,” said Mark McGowan, director of EFI’s OPS products. “SSA has the potential to provide unprecedented insights on the best strategies and execution to drive retail sales.”

“More so than at any point in time marketing professionals are able to have transparency on the ROI of their marketing spend. Any medium that cannot offer those metrics will struggle to increase their piece of the pie. EFI’s SmartSign Analytics offers that solution," said Jeff Main, CEO of AMP Printing+Graphics, Dublin, CA.