ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH

ColorGATE Unveils Consulting and Guidance Service for the PSD Certification

The ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) was developed by the Fogra e.V. to estabilish international manadatory standards for the digital printing business for the first time. ColorGATE has demonstrated its claim in the development and implementation of relevant international standards for the graphic arts industry over last couple of years. ColorGATE is supporting the purpose of the PSD since the introduction by the Fogra. The ColorGATE Guidance service offers digital print service providers an opportunity of a successful PSD certification through a comprehensive trainings and audits which will be conducted by the ColorGATE experts.

Technical benefits of the PSD

The PSD constitutes criteria to make digital prints compareable in order to reduce the complexity of digital printing, no matter what digital printing system or substrat was usedConstistent colors through reference colorspaces: the PSD offers a set of rules to compare prints on differently colored substrates: the medial relative evaluationPremanant predictable printing results through sustainable quality assurance methods

Commercial benefits of the PSD

Standardized production workflows minimizes the risk of unnecessary production stoppsThe reduction of produced wastage

Corporate benefits of the PSD

Faster and simpler approvel process with the customersThe PSD quality seal offers the opportunity to stand out from the competition in a positive way, like the ProcessStandard Offset (PSO) the PSD will become a well-recognized international standard for digital printing sectorSubsequent claims for compensation with respect to the print quality can now be decided on the basis of the PSD – no more decision based only on the subjective color perception of the customers but on the quality inspection according to the PSD

The DPE partner certification (Digital Print Expert) from Fogra testifies that ColorGATE employees have acquired comprehensive knowledge and practical qualifications. Therefore ColorGATE is now authorized to conduct PSD audits with customers. Through intensive consulting, trainings and introductions to the PSD compliant production process, ColorGATE prepares customers in an optimal way for the PSD certification to be ideally conditioned for the PSD audit afterwards.

PSD-certified companies document their competence in color management, quality control and workflow management. Furthermore a consequent implementation of the PSD reduces wastage and saves precious time through a consistent workflow. Hence the PSD increases competitiveness and improves internal processes.