Baldwin Technology

Baldwin Technology Awarded Large Order by Schibsted Trykk AS

Baldwin Technology Company, Inc., a leading global supplier of process automation equipment for the print media industry, is helping Norway’s largest print group, Schibsted Trykk AS, dramatically decrease print waste costs and meet stringent water pollution control standards in Norway by supplying its spray dampening and filtration systems to Schibsted Trykk plants there.

Later this year, Baldwin will install 322 Baldwin EvenSpray World2 spray bars to upgrade existing systems on four of Schibsted’s newspaper web presses and install PureFiltration systems in three of its print production facilities.

“Baldwin has a good reputation as being a ‘high quality supplier’ in spray dampening and fluid management equipment. We looked at Baldwin’s combination of technology and expert performance and determined Baldwin was the best overall solution for our needs,” said Bent-Ståle Johansen, CEO of Schibsted Trykk Kristiansand AS and Schibsted Trykk Stavanger AS. 

“We are pleased to be chosen as an important supplier within Schibsted’s initiative to upgrade its press efficiency,” said Per Stenflo, Baldwin sales director. “This large order shows Baldwin’s dedication to working closely with our customers in finding the best solutions—for both their business and the environment.”

“Two of Schibsted’s presses already have Baldwin spray dampening and we know Baldwin’s sales, parts and service to be of good quality,” Johansen stated.  “Plus, return on investment is expected to be very good.

Baldwin’s EvenSpray spray bars will replace older version Goss and Baldwin dampeners on a 5-tower Goss Newsliner, a 22-tower Goss Colorliner, a 9-tower Wifag OF370 and a 34-cylinder Wifag OF470.  This upgrade is a key part of Schibsted’s program to revitalize the midlife presses.

 “An extensive test of the EvenSpray system was completed on Schibsted’s Colorliner press in Oslo, which resulted in a considerable improvement in startup waste and water savings,” remarked Johansen. “Our findings from the test period show that we might expect higher waste savings than what Baldwin indicated before the test.”

The spray bars are equipped with the Baldwin G5 single-drive valve system, engineered from the proven technology found in previous Baldwin dampener designs, but with performance and durability upgraded and serviceability improved. The G5 valve incorporates the U62 seal technology; the most durable rubber material ever developed by Baldwin. With unmatched resistance to chemical and mechanical wear, U62 ensures long and trouble free operation.

Schibsted also purchased Baldwin’s patented PureFiltration closed-loop system for cleaning of dampening solution for its Kristiansand, Bergen and Stavanger print production facilities. Two existing older-model “simple” systems were not performing satisfactorily and one location didn’t use any type of filtration system.  Schibsted reported it is expecting a marked reduction in the expense of the solution consumables with the PureFiltration.  In addition, this system is required to meet the tight environmental regulations in Norway.

The PureFiltration’s design is based on cross-flow filtration technology, creating highly effective filtering performance, ultimately improving the overall dampening performance and efficiency of the press. Used dampening solution is fed from the circulator into the PureFiltration system, where sedimentation occurs, the solution is filtered to achieve almost original clean quality and is then returned into the circulator for reuse on the press.