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The First Durst Rho 1030, the fastest fully automated flatbed available, is bought by McGowan's of Dublin

McGowans is of one of Ireland’s leading digital printers. Mal McGowan, Managing Director of McGowans, said: “We have a passion for digital technology and we have managed to stay in a leading position within the industry by constantly evolving and pushing this technology. Every single day, our clients give us fresh inspiration, new challenges, wild innovative ideas, and we love it! The choice of the Rho 1030 is to help us remain ahead of the competition whilst being able to provide a better service for our customers. The 1030 is quite simply the best in its class for productivity and quality of print.”   

McGowans has grown impressively from its humble beginnings as a simple colour company 20 years ago to one that now employs a staff of 90, across two factories in Dublin and Belfast, with also a sales presence in London. The company has diversified into the widest range of products from small digital print to large format retail products, (display units, POP, floor graphics etc.), exhibition design and production, indoor and outdoor signage, vehicle wraps and “specials”. Its list of clients is equally impressive and includes several multinational retailers, such as Lidl and Primark, plus many supplied indirectly through agencies. 

“We embraced digital technology as soon as it was available,” commented McGowan. “We have had a long relationship with Durst installing a very early Lambda. Today we have two Lambdas which are still kept busy. Our first digital inkjet machine was an Inca Eagle 44 and I believe it was only the third to be installed anywhere. Since then we have continued to invest in digital technology, always looking to providing a competitive edge and quality for our customers.”  

“Our choice of the Rho 1030, as mentioned above, is actually due to several factors: firstly we needed to increase capacity again and that’s when we started the process of reviewing the market for the most suitable machine. We first saw the Rho 1030 at Durst’s innovation days in Lienz in April and were so impressed by its performance. We wanted a machine that offered fully automated production and the Rho does just that. What is more, it really is as fast as Durst claims and the quality at high speed just has to be seen to be believed. Even though its high speed performance is exceptional, it still manages to provide a level of flexibility unrivalled by other top end machines. Similarly the build quality is second to none.”

“We have had a longstanding relationship with Durst and the company’s commitment to advancing inkjet technology helps to make them a perfect partner to take our business further forward.”

In addition to its two Lambdas and impending Rho 1030, McGowans’ list of the latest digital technology is very impressive. Some of the large format machines include an Inca, a M-Press Tiger, 6 machines from HP Scitex, including Indigo and latex printers, Nur Expedio, a screen line plus others. These are supported by a laminator and both Kongsburg and Zund automatic cutting tables.

When asked about the future, McGowan replied: “We have every intension of further diversification and growth. We definitely see the Rho 1030 as part of our future and also Durst. I think we could very soon be looking at Durst’s roll to roll printers and in particular, the Rho P10 for its superb quality of print.”

The Rho 1030

The Rho 1030 is the fastest fully automated flatbed printer available. It is capable of production speeds of up to 1000 m² per hour without compromising the quality of print. This is due to the latest development to Durst’s Quadro Array 30M printhead technology with over 65,000 nozzles in the print carriage. This printing speed and full automation with auto loading and unloading tables makes it ideally suited to incorporation into an industrial production line as well as a stand only production facility. It is capable of parallel printing of boards and perfect reverse side printing due to two point pin registration. Ink options include the addition of light colours and Process Colour Addition (PCA). There are also the printing options of corrugated board printing, roll to roll and roll to sheet.