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Making Money in the School Market eBook by Sawgrass Technologies

Looking for diverse new markets to pursue? Back-To-School season has a lot of opportunities for digital decoration and Sawgrass Technologies has released a free e-book that explains how to maximize your profits in the school market. Written by Sawgrass Technologies Education Manager – Jimmy Lamb – this 42-page target marketing plan will help you grow your business with full-color personalized products for School Spirit, School Sports, Bookstores, Fraternities and Sororities, Fund Raising and more.

You'll gain insight on revenue opportunities and identifying the right contacts. This collaborative effort between Sawgrass Technologies and Unisub provides you with links to a wide range of practical resources, such as:

• Ready Made Art to Create Your Own Sales Samples

• School Marketing and Fundraising Webcasts

• Design Template Library

• Printable Brochures

Simply go to to download.