MBO America, Inc.

MBO America and Ibis: New Partners

MBO America announces a distribution partnership with IBIS Bindery Systems, LTD. IBIS Bindery Systems is the UK based manufacturer of the Smart-binder Plus HS. With over 110 systems installed worldwide, the Smart-binder is the premier high-speed saddle-stitching (and perfect binding) system for the variable data digital print environment. The Smart-binder Plus HS can produce up to 7,000 variable page count booklets per hour, has multi-up capabilities, and can run either inline or near line at web speeds of up to 650 ft/minute! Additionally, this machine can produce three-side trimmed booklets of up to 200 pages.

The Smart-binder Plus HS is the perfect companion to the MBO Digital series of high-speed unwinders, sheeters, and specialty web finishing systems. MBO America has been a worldwide leader as a supplier of high-quality and high-productivity finishing solutions since its establishment in 1984. With the addition of IBIS as a partner, MBO America has increased the range of their offerings and strengthened their presence in the fast-changing digital print and finishing sector.