National Print Owners Association (NPOA)

National Print Owners Association (NPOA) Membership Tops 300

In a little more than six months since its launch, membership in the National Printowners Association (NPOA) this month surpassed the 300 mark. As of today membership stands at 311.

“What began with 19 founding members in late December has now grown to more than 300, which represents nothing short of a fantastic achievement in less than seven months,” says NPOA Executive Director John Stewart. “The Board of Directors has established a goal of 350 members before the end of 2013, and we believe that is a realistic goal.”

Member number 300 had this to say about his decision to join this new and growing association: “Printing in today’s world is becoming more challenging than ever,” says Stan West owner of Southwest Printing in Dallas, TX. “With that in mind I have been looking for an organization that I could get helpful feedback from. An organization that might help us address some of the issues that Southwest Printing & Copy confronts each day. Not to say anything bad about some of the other printing organizations, but I feel that they cater more to the larger printers that pay more dues.”

Adds Stewart: “Virtually no one ever imagined back in late December of 2012 that our association would grow as quickly as it has. I can’t prove it but if my memory serves this is the fastest startup growth of any printing association, including the initial launch of NAQP many years ago. Now, we have modest confidence that we will continue our growth and possibly exceed the 400 mark by early next year.”