Melissa Data Corp

Melissa Data Extends International Reach with New Offices

Melissa Data, a leading provider of contact data quality and address management solutions, announced new offices in Raleigh, NC, Berlin, Germany, and Bangalore, India. These new locations have been established and staffed to meet the needs of the domestic and international markets with the availability of the Melissa Data Global Data Quality Suite and other solutions. The Global Data Quality Suite is a new set of tools that delivers accurate and consistent address parsing, verification, and transliteration for more than 240 countries and territories.

“There is a growing need – both in the States and abroad – for clean, accurate data, especially in commerce applications. Melissa Data recognizes that there are pivotal geographies to a truly global economy, and has opened offices on the East Coast, and in Europe and Asia as part of its commitment to the international marketplace,” said Gary Van Roekel, COO, Melissa Data. “Accurate address information increases response rates, lowers shipping costs, and increases the effectiveness of direct marketing initiatives, yet postal standards and address formats vary from country to country and present a variety of business challenges. Melissa Data has the expertise and technology to correct, verify and standardize all addresses whether canton, country, state, province or prefecture.”

The Melissa Data Global Data Quality Suite also allows users to verify international phone numbers for over 200 countries and territories, including the country code and predominant language spoken in the phone number region. The email validation component can correct general formatting and syntax errors, and fix commonly misspelled domains to change undeliverable emails into deliverable ones. In addition, the suite includes tools to geocode street addresses by adding precise latitude and longitude coordinates.