Relyco Launches New Relyco PrintAssist Online Design Website for Designing Custom and Personalized Packaging and Marketing Items

Relyco, a leading provider of value-added business printing and payment solutions, today announced the launch of its new Relyco PrintAssist online design website for designing custom and personalized packaging and marketing items. Created in partnership with PRISME TECHNOLOGIES’ PrintSYS portal, the Relyco PrintAssist solution enables in-plant and commercial print shops the ability to quickly and easily design DigiPOP packaging, REVLAR waterproof paper, and DigiFLIP interactive card templates along with the ability to purchase 100 packs of the products that they can print.  

“Our customers have been asking us for an easy way to design their own templates so that they can customize, personalize and print them as needed,” said Bruce Steinberg, senior vice president of sales at Relyco. “We’re excited about our partnership with PRISME TECHNOLOGIES as their PrintSYS portal provides our PrintAssist solution with a simple interface to create designs without needing a skilled graphic designer.”

Relyco PrintAssist is easy to use to start creating PDF designs that printers can use to quickly print the items they choose to. The process is as simple as setting up an account, creating a unique design using Relyco’s pre-perforated blank design templates, and ordering the associated substrate stock on a secure ecommerce portal. After ordering, the stock will ship to the printer so that they can print the high resolution PDF file using their own digital printers. DigiPOP templates are 12” X 18” sheets. REVLAR and DigiFLIP templates are 8.5” X 11”.

Available Templates to Design

•           DigiPOP 4” X 4” Cube Box

•           DigiPOP Golf Ball Box

•           DigiPOP Playing Card Box

•           DigiPOP Business Card Mailer

•           DigiPOP Invitation Mailer

•           DigiPOP Popcorn Bowl

•           DigiPOP 4-Sided Tent Card

•           DigiPOP Cup Sleeve

•           DigiPOP Fold-up Box

•           DigiPOP Portrait Tent Card

•           DigiPOP Folders and Add-a-Pockets

•           DigiPOP Flower Top Box

•           DigiPOP Megaphone

•           DigiPOP Princess Purse

•           DigiPOP Photo Tower

•           REVLAR 6-Up ID Cards

•           REVLAR 4-Up Luggage Tags

•           REVLAR 3-Up Door Hangers

•           REVLAR 6-Up Door Hangers

•           REVLAR 13-Up Plant Wraps

•           DigiFLIP 4-D Interactive Flip Card

Relyco PrintAssist Features:

• Variable Print Data Capability – Upload a spreadsheet with variable text data - choose the variable text fields within the design and watch as a high-resolution personalized proof is created instantly

• Duplex Design and QR Code Generator Feature – PrintAssist enables users to design both the inside of the packaging items and well as the outside. With the QR code generator, users can create and add a QR code directing smart phones to a website, send an email, text message or contact info

• Full Editing Capability - Upload any image - crop, rotate, edit, adjust it. This is a very powerful feature that puts user in control of their designs.

“We’re excited to partner with Relyco to offer their customers a great web portal to design and order many of their digital print substrate products,” said Francois Mitchell, president of PRISME TECHNOLOGIES. “Simply put, PrintSYS equals web-to-print made easy!”