BAF Graphics Takes You for a Stroll Along the Southbank to Engage You in a Visual Cultural Experience at the Festival Wing

Visual communication specialist BAF Graphics worked together with creative agency KentLyons to develop a public exhibition area at the Southbank Festival Wing.The exhibition is for The Festival Wing at the Southbank Centre, a redevelopment of the Hayward Gallery, Purcell Rooms and the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

The Southbank Centre has recently undertaken a refurbishment project of its 1960’s buildings to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. The organisation of the heritage site has also introduced new areas to extend its range of cultural and art events across different venues.

BAF Graphics was commissioned by KentLyons to produce striking graphics which transformed the Southbank Festival Wing into a more visual, welcoming zone. The technical skills of the versatile print service provider brought to life 90 small, colourful and informative panels of PVC, plywood and an unusual substrate called Versapanel, which is a combination of wood and cement. The designers made holes in the corners and pegged the panels onto pegboards for easy repositioning and content updating. Sharp white vinyl text applied directly on site to the pegboard by the BAF team completed the clean look of the exhibition.

The bright orange, green and blue way-finding graphics spanning the floor of the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre takes visitors both inside and outside of the building, directing them to the Festival Wing. If you are a culture-vulture eager to experience a feast of colours and creativity, this evolving exhibition area put in place by BAF Graphic is definitely a must see!