Intelligencer Printing Company

Intelligencer Rebrands with New Logo

Intelligencer has developed a new logo to reflect the company’s growing services and recent acquisition. The name has been simplified to “Intelligencer” and the logo has been updated to reflect the multitude of marketing services now offered.

"Our new branding better communicates our capabilities beyond traditional print to help our clients execute their marketing programs and increase response rates” said Robert Mason, President & CEO. One example is Intell’s Hybrid Variable Print technology utilizing Kodak Prosper high speed imaging heads on their web presses to deliver variable messaging to offer personalized and interactive high volume print.

Accompanying the branding and logo change is the recent acquisition of Lancaster Ultra-Graphics, Inc., a privately held corporation in Landisville, PA. The acquisition brings to Intelligencer additional database technology and variable data print utilizing a new Xerox iGEN4 with high volume print-on-demand capabilities.