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From Opaque White to Metallic Silver - Marabu has it All

From September 24- 27, Marabu presents its expertise in label printing at the LABELEXPO Europe in Brussels. This year, new technologies for effect inks will be introduced. Screen printed 3-D metallic effects or digitally printed metallic shades offer every user the possibility to create eye-catchers. Apart from special effects, Marabu presents its well-established ink series for rotary and flatbed screen printing, with special attention to the low-migration ink Ultrapack UVFP and the LED-curable Ultrapack LEDC. In the “Innovation Zone”, visitors can explore newest digital and direct printing solutions.

Profound Knowledge for Reliable Solutions

In 1952, Marabu launched the first screen printing ink. More than 60 years of screen printing experience make the company the screen printing inks specialist, including label printing. Marabu understands that visual communication is the key for the product’s attractiveness, and developed ink series that fulfil the highest requirements for labels on consumer goods.

Low-Migration Inks for Utmost Consumer Safety

UltraRotaScreen UVSF is the right choice for combined UV rotary screen printing and UV flexo printing. The silicone-free and low-migration Opaque White UVSF 174 complies with the EuPIA Photoinitiator Suitability List 1A and the Swiss the Ordinance on Material and Articles in Contact with Food (SR 817.023.21).

With the UV-curable screen printing ink Ultrapack UVFP Marabu presents another low-migration ink series which has been developed especially for food packaging. UVFP fulfils the same guidelines as UVSF 174. It adheres very well on difficult substrates, and shows high resistance against water, steam, various filling goods, or chemicals.

The Right Partner for Varnishes and Combinations with Screen Printing

UltraRotaScreen UVRS: Rotary screen printing, combined with UV-letterpress or UV-offset, allows high-quality “No-Label-Look”. Marabu’s ink series feature high suitability for various substrates, and subsequent processing steps like foil stamping and die-cutting.

Furthermore, two special braille varnishes for rotary and flatbed screen printing are displayed: UVLB 1 and UVLB 2. Both products guarantee high ink deposit, coupled with sharp-edged definition.

No Limits for Effects

Visualize the quality of your high-grade product with labels printed with Ultrapack UVC and Ultrastar-M UVSM: UVC for high-gloss finish, UVSM for stylishly matt effects.

A real eye-catcher: Exceptional 3-D metallic effects, produced with screen printing in combination with hot stamping. With this new technology you can achieve stunning results thanks to the tactile effect, unrivaled gloss, and precise edge definition.

LED-Technology for Efficient Production

The newest LED-curable ink for rotary and flatbed screen printing profits from all the advantages LED technology has to offer. The substrate is not exposed to heat because no infrared radiation is used.

Solely UV-A light is generated, avoiding ozone emissions. UV-LED lamps do not require a warm-up period and have a significantly longer life period compared to other technologies. Ultrapack LEDC offers brilliant, high gloss colour shades, including a silicone-free Opaque White (LEDC 171) for flexo-overprints.

The Innovation Zone: Newest Solutions for Digital and Direct Printing

Marabu’s “Innovation Zone“ at the LABELEXPO demonstrates digital label printing solutions for solvent-based and UV-curable inkjet inks.

Among the solvent-based inks, MaraJet DI-LS is tailored to Roland Print & Cut machines, while MaraJet DI-MS is made for Mimaki CJV-30. Both ink series are available in 440ml cartridges with chips and 1l units for bulk systems. Additionally, DI-MS features a silver shade – the perfect tool to create not only silver highlights, but hundreds of metallic hues when combined with standard CMYK inks.

Within the UV-curable range, two ink series are adapted to the print heads Konica Minolta, Xaar, and Ricoh. UltraJet DUV-A is characterized by an extremely high flexibility of the ink film, UltraJet DUV-H by a minimized inherent smell. Both products are delivered in 1l units. DUV-A is also available in 440 ml cartridges for Mimaki JF-1610 and JF-1631. Supplementary, DUV-H has a silver shade which allows a wide spectrum of metallic shades.

Innovation at highest level: “Digital Direct Printing: The Real No-Label-Look”. Visitors will be excited.

Live-Prints on Site

Visitors can watch live-prints with Marabu inks as well as print samples on various stands of cooperation partners. “CARTES label machines” (stand 5B10) for example prints with Ultrastar-M UVSM 181 Opaque Black. Marabu print samples are available from “Stork Prints” (stand 6H40) and “Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG” (stand 5B50).

Do not miss the Marabu classics and novelties, expert advice, and interesting live-demonstrations at the LABELEXPO Europe 2013 in Brussels. We look forward to seeing you at our booth 11P90!