DaVinci Technologies Inc

Cleaning Supplies Specifically Designed For The Printing Industry

DaVinci Technologies has announced a new line of cleaning and printer maintenance supplies. After customer requests for printing industry-specific cleaning supplies, DaVinci responded with a full line of high quality, affordable products designed to meet the high demands of the fast growing digital printing industry. The new products, available only at DaVinci, include: Print Head Wipes, Print Head Swabs, Gloves, Cleaning Solutions, Industrial Wipes and more!

Using supplies that are specifically designed for cleaning print heads and other sensitive printer components is extremely important. Print Head Wipes and Print Head Swabs are two products from the new line that were custom made with the attention to detail required for cleaning print heads. Print Head Wipes are polyester knit, lint-free, absorbent, durable, and cleanroom laundered to deliver the best results. Print Head Swabs have foam tips, which are thermally welded to the shaft to ensure durability and quality. Using these products regularly can help improve the quality of prints and extend the life of the printer.