NewPage Corporation

NewPage Introduces Ed #15 Interactive Print

NewPage Corporation announced the release of Ed #15: Interactive Print, the newest brochure in its popular "Ed" series which has been delivering educational tips and advice on printing techniques, new technologies and sustainability topics relevant to customers and other stakeholders for more than a decade.

"Ed #15 showcases paper as the original interactive communication medium," states Steven DeVoe, vice president, Marketing for NewPage. "Paper keeps getting better, finding new ways to connect, not just to a particular audience, but also to other media. With new browser technologies, print has become a uniquely effective gateway to video, websites, e-catalogs and other information through smart devices. Printed communication is more vital than ever. It's vibrant and highly effective-reaching millions and selling billions."

"Paper has a unique ability to get the reader to participate. You open it, touch it, fold it, pull it, even smell it-and it creates something real, something dimensional and, even more important, something memorable," said Julie Davis, senior marketing communications manager for NewPage. "In Ed #15, customers can see Ed come to life for the first time on the cover of the brochure through Layar technology, a leading augmented reality platform, which displays videos on your smartphone without ever leaving the printed piece."

DeVoe adds, "Print is always coming up with new ways-including Quick Response (QR) codes, Short Message Service (SMS) technology, video-inprint and browser apps like Layar-to team up with digital media to convert readers into active shoppers and buyers. In Ed #15, you'll learn about the ever-expanding ways paper is interacting with readers and other media to get the word out."

With immediate accessibility, three dimensionality, touch and texture, print is a perfect outlet for creativity. It's a communication medium used extensively and successfully by today's leading marketers to create real stopping power-upping both attention and retention, two keys to driving results. Ed has real numbers to support it.