Flottman Company

Flottman Company Celebrates Three Employees with 30-Years of Service

The Flottman Company, a provider of marketing solutions, miniature folded informational literature and commercial printing, is celebrating the 30th year anniversary for three employees; collectively accounting for 90-years of service.

Since 1983 when Ronald Reagan was President, the Washington Redskins won Super Bowl and the top movie was Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, these three employees have dedicated their careers to the success of the Flottman Company. They have each played a pivotal role in making the Flottman Company a corporate innovator and industry leader.

Tim Brake reached his 30th anniversary this May. He has risen through the ranks to become the Flottman Company’s number one Cutter/Trimmer. His skill set is extremely difficult to replicate. His continuous growth, experience and dedication have made Tim a true asset to the company.

Cathie Pike will complete her 30th year this November. Over these past 30 years Cathie has basically become part of the Flottman’s family. Cathie is Flottman Company’s most experienced Estimator. Her ability to determine the needs for our jobs and precisely estimate our costs makes her a priceless employee. She is an extension of our sales, product and manufacturing teams. Cathie also serves as the voice of and greeter for the Flottman Company, when you come visit, Cathie is there to greet you with a smile.

Rod Parks achieves his 30th anniversary this December. Rod received one of the greatest gifts 30 years ago: a career that would challenge him and enable him to grow and prosper. Rod is Press Master here at Flottman controlling the six color and 40” presses. He knows these presses intimately; the machines have been known to do things for Rod that no one else could duplicate.

“Each of these employees serve as role models to not only our team, but to our industry and to American manufacturing as a whole. Their reliability, dedication and passion have been the reason that the Flottman Company has achieved the success that we have… Thank You and here is to another 30-years.” – Tom Flottman, CEO, Flottman Company.

For three generations, Flottman Company has thrived as a family owned and operated full service printing company, with over 92-years of experience producing every type of commercial printing job imaginable and over 40-years of experience in the highly specialized and regulated pharmaceutical insert market. Our longevity is anchored by our entire team of employees, at least 43% of our 49 employees have 10-years or more experience with the company, 25% have more than 20-years and 4 employees have 25+ years, with these 3 employees reaching this amazing 30-year milestone.

The company plans to honor these unique achievements with biographies in the company internal newsletter and recognition at the annual year-end celebration. This is a genuine thank you from the Flottman Company and the Flottman family.