RISO, Inc.

The RISO Perfect Binder to Launch at PRINT13

RISO, Inc. announced the upcoming PRINT 13 show will be the launching pad for the company’s new in-line automated binding system. The RISO Perfect Binder not only complements the production speed of the new ComColor X1 Series high-speed, full-color inkjet printers, but converts the system into a self-contained book manufacturing solution for both short runs and high-volume production. Capable of transforming 60 to 300-sheet digital projects into professionally finished soft-bound books, the RISO Perfect Binder seamlessly automates all the binding and finishing functions of book production in a single, compact system.

RISO will exhibit the RISO Perfect Binder Solution in their booth (#544) beginning September 8th in Chicago. The RISO Perfect Binder will be available from RISO and their sales channel network beginning at the show.

“The growth of digital printing and self-publishing necessitates that technological advancements keep pace with the continuous demand for faster and better. For today’s PSP’s, any tool that can attract more business and provide profitable new revenue streams is of real value,” notes Richard Mattina, National Director of Marketing & Business Development, RISO. “One such growth segment is that of self-publishing. According to a self-publishing report released last fall by Bowker Market Research, self-published books produced annually in the U.S. has grown 287% over the last seven years and now accounts for over 235,000 print and “e” titles. The study reports that 63% of these titles are printed. This represents a significant growth channel for PSP’s prepared to serve this growing market.”

RISO Perfect Binder Features

The RISO Perfect Binder delivers several attractive product features that not only make it effective as a manufacturing tool, but an efficient new revenue stream:

•           High-Production Speed: When compared to a traditional color printer/ binding machine/ cutting machine workflow, the RISO Perfect Binder with a ComColor 9150 can be as much as 50% faster. In lab-controlled tests, this configuration produced (printed and bounded) sixty 100-page letter sized books in just 170 minutes, compared to 330 minutes for typical workflows.

•           Simple & Intuitive Operation: The user intuitive GUI is compatible with standard Microsoft Office software, as well Adobe PDF file formats. A RISO cover layout program simplifies cover design, including spine printing, and print preview functions enables complete pre-print editing reducing errors and maximizing efficiency.

•           Binding: The RISO Perfect Binder offers automated side-binding to instantly secure printed pages before the book reaches a high-pressure gluing stage. RISO registration technology assures pages are in order and aligned when they reach this critical point.

•           Automated Sizing and Trimming: Each cover is automatically and individually trimmed to size according to book thickness for a professional finish. The RISO Perfect Binder easily accommodates varying book thicknesses up to 300 sheets (1.5mm to 30mm), and efficiently binds books up to 600 pages.

NOTE: The RISO Perfect Binder is also compatible with the ComColor X1 Series 9110 and 7110. Please contact a RISO Sales Representative for further details.