Glunz & Jensen Inc.

Glunz & Jensen Exhibiting at PRINT 13 in Booth #1963

This year at Print13, Glunz & Jensen will demonstrate a mix of product solutions from each of our business areas, including prepress solutions for both the offset and flexo industries. Here is a small idea of what you can expect to see at Print 13:


Raptor+ 85 Chemfree plate processing

Raptor+ 85 Chemfree is the ideal plate processing equipment solution for any medium size commercial printer or newpaper. Raptor+ Chemfree provides high-quality processing of low chemistry violet plates. The processor incorporates innovative full featured processing in a compact, space saving “small footprint” application.

It is prepared for full unattended operation and can be used in an automated prepress line, fully integrated with both CtP and post processor plate automation. Raptor+ combines reliability, flexibility and automation to meet the needs of any customer in the medium segment.

Compact Stacker

Shown with the Raptor+ 85 Chemfree is the Compact Stacker 85/65. The Compact Stacker family provides a very simple and compact plate stacking solution that integrates perfectly with any processor or CtP device. The Compact Stacker utilizes a simple knock-down construction to save space and cost during shipment,

and uses gravity to move the plate to the integrated stacking tray. Available in three sizes, the Compact Stacker can used with the fastest plate processors or CtP devices on the market and can store up to 100 plates.

PlateWriter 3000

Setting new standards in cost, flexibility and speed, the Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter Series produces digital

CtP plates in daylight and without the use of processing chemicals. The accurate registration and high quality inkjet imaging produces a plate which provides many of the benefits of digital imaging, while delivering a conventional offset plate. Conventional offset printing allows you to increase your profits by reducing your running costs when printing jobs over 500 impressions. Plates produced are suitable for up to 50,000 impressions.

The PlateWriter 3000 is suitable for small to mid-size commercial printers interested in upgrading to a price competitive CtP solution covering 2- and 4-up plate formats. PlateWriter solutions are also available in smaller 2-up and larger 8-up format sizes. With nearly 1,200 iCtP systems installed world-wide, PlateWriter systems have proven themselves to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and provide a long-term cost savings.

NewsWriter XL

The NewsWriter XL is an affordable, metal Computer-to-Plate system which produces press-ready aluminium plates, suitable for small and medium size newspapers, commercial printers and some larger format book printers. This small foot print CtP solution is completely self-contained and its chemical- free approach means no additional equipment (such as chemical processors or washout units) is required.

The NewsWriter produces digital CtP plates, which deliver accurate registration and high quality. In addition, the semi-automated plate registration system provides a versatile plate handling approach so multiple plate sizes and gauges can be used in parallel, with no changes. This makes the Glunz & Jensen NewsWriter suitable for the smaller newspaper printer with one or more printing presses, who also does commercial printing work.

Inkjet technology delivers plates without chemistry; The NewsWriter applies a Liquid Dot image on to non-photosensitive aluminium printing plates. The imaged plates are manually fed through an integrated finishing unit that dries the plates and bonds the liquid dots to the plate surface, making them capable of printing up to 50,000 impressions on press.

The NewsWriter has the lowest energy usage in its class and it eliminates water usage, chemicals and disposal costs. The NewsWriter provides substantial long term cost savings, while being environmentally friendly.

PosiFlow workflow for iCtP PlateWriter and NewsWriter systems

Glunz & Jensen launches new PosiFlow as a fully integrated RIP and workflow solution for your iCtP PlateWriter or NewsWriter system, designed to streamline and automate your prepress production. With the help of the intuitive user interface, operators are able to manage their work and control jobs from any prepress workstation, greatly increasing productivity and reducing costs. Customized workflow sequences and settings can be saved in the system, helping to manage jobs and reduce errors. PosiFlow allows operators to manage all document changes and RIP setting from one computer, instead of moving between a workstation and the RIP computer. In addition, it provides the platform on which the various additional RIP tools and options can be integrated. Easy-to-use, powerful and flexible, the standard PosiFlow solution provides basic workflow capabilities for one client, letting printers to choose which additional tools and options would be most beneficial to integrate into their workflow.

Optional additions to Posiflow include: PDF tools (PDF creator and preflight in one); Ink Remapping to eliminate redundant separates and converts spot colors to CMYK; Keysetter Lite calculates press ink key settings and generates a PDF file with data; and CIP 3 which generates a PPF file containing comprehensive information about the print job.

WebConnect - operate your equipment with added peace-of-mind and convenience.

WebConnect is an exciting new cloud service offered by Glunz & Jensen to help OEM partners, Dealers and print production staff monitor and optimize their offset and flexo production. This service is free to use - just connect the equipment to an Ethernet connection and create an account. Reports are then available to view and analyze from anywhere the operator has an internet connection

WebConnect collects data from equipment and presents it as online statistical reports, enabling users to achieve qualified proactive maintenance, faster response times and increased uptime. This also enables users to further qualify and strengthen the support offered to their customers.


Sleeve Trimmer

The Glunz & Jensen Microflex sleeve trimmer enables customers to easily cut sleeves in correct and exact sizes. The sleeve trimmer is very simple to operate and therefore does not require any special skills.

The sleeve is quickly and easily mounted on the adaptor using compressed air. The correct sizes to be cut are easy to adjust as the machine is delivered with a measuring device. The double-edged titanium covered knife is made especially for this type of work and ensures a clean and quick cut through the polymer and fiberglass in the sleeve. The sleeve trimmer is delivered with a variable speed control.


Glunz & Jensen Microflex is presenting a “table-top” flexo plate mounting table designed especially for the narrow web and label market. The mounting table is suitable for mounting of flexographic photopolymer plates onto sleeves up to a maximum size of 500 mm / 19.68 inches in width and 610 mm / 24 inches in repeat. This very handy model is particularly suited for mounting 1 plate per sleeve and due to its convenient size, it will easily fit in at any label printer.

The microMounter allows highly productive and extremely precise mounting and registration of any flexographic printing plate by using patented a patented fiber optic projection to quickly pre-locate the microdots, followed by a 40x enlargement of the microdots as displayed on the cross hairs of the integrated LCD monitor. The combination of precise components and very robust construction has established a very high standard in the flexo industry market. This system will improve printing quality and register significantly.