National Graphics, Inc. Produces 3-D Motion Lenticular Comic Book Covers for DC Entertainment September "Villains Month" Event

DC Entertainment, home to the World’s Greatest Super Heroes and the most talented writers and artists in the business, has teamed up with National Graphics, Inc. (NGI), to produce the very first hi-definition, full-wrap, lenticular comic book cover. All 53 titles in DC Comics’ September “Villains Month” event will feature incredible 3-D Motion covers. The entire back cover ad will also be in spectacular hi-def 3D. It’s the first time this new, patented, ultra-thin lens technology has been used for a publication of any kind.

“We look for an opportunity every year in September to do something big,” said Jim Lee, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher, in an interview with pop culture site BUZZFEED  “They are amazing covers.”

“It’s an incredible 3-D effect,” said Dan DiDio, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher, also told BUZZFEED. “It’s the full cover stock, so it’s not anything that’s been glued on. More importantly, it’s actually pliable and soft to the touch – it’s a brand new technology and we’re going to be the first ones debuting it in this fashion.”

The patented lens material is “soft” and “pliable” because it is half the thickness of standard lenticular lens material, and Hi-Def because it has exceptional clarity.

“We’ve spent many years of intensive research to bring this new print technology to the marketplace,” said NGI President, Don Krause. “Not only is our 200 line, ultra thin lens good for full wrap magazine covers, it is a perfect fit for 2-page, full bleed, interior magazine ads. It’s also an ideal substrate for full wrap soft cover books and hard cover dust jackets. Because it’s flexible, it can be used for soft packaging, commercial mailers or labeling either flat or curved surfaces. And, that’s only a few of the many applications for the advertising power of NGI’s Hi-Def lenticular!”