Derprosa Offers Solutions for the Label and Packaging Industries

Labels originally existed to provide information about products and were merely to distinguish these products from others. That changed with the advent of color printing. This increased the presence of graphics and labels became not only informative, but actually accessories for attracting the consumer’s attention. A consequence of this is that both the design and finishes of labels are relevant to the industry when it comes to printing packaging and labels.

There is currently a predominant use of ‘no label look’ and white finishes for label production in the retail sector, although the range of films available on the market is much greater than just this. In this regard, Derprosa is different from other film manufacturers since it offers, among others, films with a red or silver metallic finish, in black with a matt or gloss finish, silver with a metallic mirror finish, Silver Matt and Soft Touch Metalized, which gives metallic and holographic effects to printing with normal offset inks, as well as with UV and digital printing. With this variety of films, the final outcome can indeed attract the consumer and, granting it an attractive appearance, make a product labelled with these films stand out from others.

The different films offered by Derprosa for label lamination can be used on paper or card, generally in the textile industry, as well as on self-adhesive labels aimed at a range of industries, but mainly used on cosmetics and personal care products, and on shrink-wrap packagings, whose application is mainly in the soft drinks and water sectors.

Within the range of Derprosa films there are two different kinds of solutions for labelling. Firstly, there are films which provide protection and highlight the printing of the label, such as SoFT ToUCH, a film that provides a silky finish; Anti-scratch, which stops the label surface becoming marked by scrapes; Anti-fingerprint, which prevents finger marks; and Bacterstop, which has anti-bacterial properties that create a barrier against infections however many people handle the label. Secondly, Derprosa offers films that can be printed on, thanks to its range of metalized printable films, both using offset technology with fast drying inks, and UV or digital printing, which offer very striking printing effects without the need to use metallic inks.

It is important to remember that product labels have both an informative purpose and that they can be used to transmit the essence of the product and the brand, both through their design and their finish, and that as much consideration should be given to choosing a desired finish as to the creation of a label.